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General Grant and our Conditions under the Free Trial Period

As per subject to our Terms and Conditions and accept them as they are provided in the License Agreement. Intuit reserves as well as grants all the rights related to QuickBooks Software, features and of modules to serve its purposes.

The Intuit also bears all the rights of Copyright, Patent, Trademark as well as other intellectual rights related to the software and its use.

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Our Payment terms

We accept all the payments in U.S. Dollars and don’t hold any back charges or offset. We don’t even provide any retention or withholding of any kind. We accept all the payment through invoices where QuickBooks user accepts our terms and conditions of the invoice. We accept the payment in banks acceptable to the seller. Else, the payment should be made in the form of a confirmed irrevocable credit letter.

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General Limitations and Restrictions:

If you visit our website or use our services, it simply implies that our Terms and Conditions are acceptable to you. All the users shall have no right and they particularly agree not to:

  • Use our services before the terms and conditions we are adhered to;
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  • Sublicense, rent, lease, sell or license the software or it’s used to any outsourcing company;
  • Correct, modify any error, or any attempt to adapt the software or attempt of recreational derivative works based on the software;
  • Disassemble, decrypt, decompile, reverse engineer or reduce the software to legible form for human being or allowing any individual or their party to do so;
  • Circumvent or Disable any technological measures or protection in the software.

Term of Termination of Service

These terms and conditions are effective right when you visit our website to till the time of the end of the terms or until or unless they have been terminated. You have all the right to disagree with our terms and services at any point of time. Once you disagree with our terms and conditions, all the services will be discontinued since then. All the rights that endorses you with will be terminated immediately without any prior notice.

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